Vermont’s Data Privacy Act has been Vetoed

Vermont’s Data Privacy Act has been Vetoed

The Vermont Data Privacy Act (H.121), sometimes known as the "VTDPA," was vetoed by Governor Phil Scott on Thursday, June 13, 2024, possibly postponing the implementation of what has been praised as one of the strongest consumer data privacy laws in the country. In order to override the veto, the VTDPA will now go to the General Assembly, where a two-thirds majority in each chamber will be required. On Monday, June 17, the General Assembly is expected to convene. The Governor's veto of the bill is based on the same grounds that set the VTDPA apart: a private right of action, enhanced safeguards against addictive online content for minors, and distinctively broad definitions and provisions, particularly with regard to its particular data minimization requirements. Governor Scott specifically said in his letter to the General Assembly that the law will put people at risk of "unnecessary and avoidable levels." The governor identifies three major areas that he feels are at risk in the letter:

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