CLIClaw's Mission

We are on a mission to build an online community that empowers individuals and businesses with the information they need to do business in compliance with the law. To build that community, we designed a central information portal designed to educate, communicate, and collaborate with internet marketers to ensure compliance with the constantly changing legal requirements written without legalese and in the language of businessmen.

We don’t provide forms. Forms get more internet marketers in legal trouble than any marketing they undertake. We provide information about what your policies, procedures, and contracts should contain. How to read someone else’s contract when it is presented to you. How to negotiate yourself into a deal or out of trouble. The bottom line is, We provide practical solutions to what appear to be complex problems. When you understand what the law requires, forms become meaningless, and information becomes powerful.

We based our mission statement on an interview Linda Goodman gave several years ago:

I spent years handling lawsuits on behalf of Internet marketers. I went up against Microsoft, AOL, the Federal Trade Commission, and Attorney Generals. I realized I could win, but my client always lost – they lost money, reputation, market position, and often their general wellbeing. So, in 2006, I left the courtroom and walked into board rooms. I focused proactively on setting up businesses to be compliant with the law, rather than reactively defending businesses faced with legal trouble. I designed programs and trained personnel who put money back into their businesses, rather than into the pockets of lawyers who defend them in court. If we ever obtain a majority of the Internet marketing community who has comprehensive yet easy-to-understand and useful information about the law and how it affects them, at their fingertips, the paradigm of how business is conducted over the Internet and the fear and threats will end.

CLIClaw was born from this vision. We are an online community that empowers individuals and businesses with the information they need to do business online, in compliance with the law. We work on the same side of the table with the Internet marketing community with training and compliance designed free of legalese. Our programs are written in the language every business owner, Internet marketer, advertiser, and publisher will understand.

With the launch of CLIClaw, we have begun to return to this community what so many of the best marketers in the industry have given to me: an understanding that we are all only pieces of the puzzle. The last piece is to ensure compliance in all aspects of your business.

Linda L. Goodman, Esq., Founder

Our Founder

As the founder of The Goodman Law Firm, Linda Goodman is one of the most highly recognized and respected Internet attorneys in practice today. Linda has over 25 years of solid legal practice. In 2001, she began working with Internet marketers successfully defending online marketing and e-commerce businesses against claims brought by the Federal Trade Commission; New York, Florida and Texas State Attorney Generals; large ISP firms; and private civil litigants throughout the United States.

Linda has combined her litigation experience and her extensive knowledge of the daily operations of Internet-based businesses into a series of comprehensive compliance programs. Her programs are uniquely designed to minimize the risk of government investigation and costly litigation, setting up internal systems for compliance auditing for federal and state advertising laws, as well as emailing and e-commerce compliance. Linda helps Internet businesses build proactive and compliance-aware cultures within their organizations. Her success is illustrated in a broad range of Internet and e-commerce companies, including advertisers, affiliates and publishers, networks, and data managers.

Linda currently serves as outside general counsel, handling all legal matters – ranging from business formation and contractual issues to compliance policies and practices—and oversees various attorneys in specialized fields of law. She is a frequent speaker on the topic of Internet legal compliance and hosts a variety of specialized in-house compliance programs.

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  • When you understand what the law requires, forms become meaningless, and information becomes powerful.
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Blog Submissions. Unlike bylined articles that focus on a single case or area of law intended to frighten you, CLIClaw combines current legal threats with a clear and concise summary of how to avoid litigation and keep your marketing practices in compliance.  Our weekly blog posts share opinions, voice arguments, and discuss marketing news or current legal events.  It is a soapbox if you will, and all suggestions are welcome.

A few requests. Please review and become familiar with the content on our Website to make sure your submissions and suggestions are in line with CLIClaw content.  Articles should range from 500 to 1,000 words, relate to a legal issue involving Internet marketing and we would appreciate it if you could provide clear instructions on action steps needed to keep marketing practices in legal compliance. “Legalese” is almost never accepted, unless clearly explained.  The article must be original to the author and not be published elsewhere.  If your submission does not include a summary of practical compliance, we may add one with your permission.  Be sure to provide an author biography, not exceeding 25 words.  If you have a vested interest in a company referenced in the article, please disclose that vested interest in the article.  We do not pay for contributions and do not publish press releases.

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